A Death Out of Sight

Photo by Adhy Savala on Unsplash

Early 2019

There was a certain point in my now weekly train journey from London Paddington to my small, rural hometown, where reality would invade. I could no longer delude myself into the feeling I was on a business trip, or a spur of the moment jaunt.

I’ll Do Whatever It Takes To Get You Back, My Love

SSX Tricky Cover Art. Source: EA SPORTS BIG.

Back in late 2019 I received a small bonus from my job. I’m not talking banker-style thousands, but enough for me to consider impulse buying a PS4 and not anxiously hand-wring for weeks over the expenditure. I was excited.

I had it all planned out. I’d rush home, plug it…

Many Other LGBTQ People Might Struggle Too

Photo by In Lieu & In View Photography on Unsplash

Now that my friendship group is ageing, dragged kicking and screaming into our thirties, getting together is a very different affair. Many amongst us are making urgent plans for the years to come. Biological clocks are ticking, albeit very faintly.

Inevitably, conversation turns to the matter of kids. Who wants…

How it happened, and 5 tips to help new writers avoid the same mistake

Photo by Mark Fletcher-Brown on Unsplash

Recently I was half way through a fellow Medium writer’s latest article, in which they bemoaned a fellow writer for essentially copying one of their near-viral titles. The writer was frustrated, bemused, a little cheesed off. It was a humorous read that also packed a strong punch.

There I was…


Sober Hangout Hacks for the Socially Anxious

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I love sobriety, but I don’t love what it does to my social anxiety. In early sobriety, operating without the social crutch of alcohol, social events made me feel like a pariah. I had nothing exciting to say, no personality to draw upon. I was devastated. My former joke-cracking self…

James Fox Jeffries

(Hopefully) humorous writing on young sobriety, mental health, cats, and LGBTQ matters. Written for Huffpost, Lyra, and others. London, UK.

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